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Best in class FLEXO pre-press technology providers for Flexo Packaging

Plate Making Services

We provide flexo solutions for various applications

Flexo Plates Wide Narrow web

Metal Dry Offset Printing Plates

Coating Plates

Rotary Screens for Gallus

Letterpress Plates


Pre-press is about perfection

We expertly translate creative visions onto packaging media, ensuring flawless execution and vibrant results. With industry-leading tools like Pantone and Xrite solutions, we deliver consistent quality tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to bring your packaging to life with precision and reliability.

Numex office
Our setup

Established in 1985 as a design and processing studio for packaging artworks, Numex Blocks has a staff of 55+ people with 13,000 sq ft of workshop space and offices in Mumbai. Numex Blocks is rated among India’s top trade shops for supplying high quality plates with full focus on the Flexo Packaging market with the latest Pre-Press Technology available in the field.

Numex manufacturing setup, prepress machines and process

Our Partners

We work with Esko, Miraclon, Flint Group, Gallus and Dupont


We have won the 2021 Global Flexo innovation award
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